The Foundation’s primary function is to fund scholarships for undergraduate school students.  It also supports organizations that make a tangible difference in people’s lives through programs that offer health care, foster care, adoptive and counseling services, mentoring, food, clothing, shelter and more.


            Changing lives is a team endeavor, which is why the Partner Colorado Foundation was created in 2005 by the Partner Colorado Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Credit union staff, partner organizations and companies within the community work hand in hand to create a positive change.  After an initial year of fundraising, the first scholarships were given out to 9 students in the Spring of 2006.  To date, 208 scholarships have been awarded totaling $271,000 and an additional $85,000 in community grants have been awarded.

Board Members

Changing lives is a team endeavor. That’s why the Partner Colorado Foundation has partnered the Partner Colorado Credit Union’s board of directors, its staff, and its partner organizations and companies in the community.

Frances Owens, Chair
Chuck Olesky
Dale Todd
Anna delHierro
Curtis Peek
Ralph Morgan
Kim Seefried


As credit union members and shareholders, we’re also stakeholders in the future. Hand in hand, we work together to create positive change.

Tami Anderson, President
Dana Zamora, Vice President
​Doug Fagan, Treasurer
Carol Naranjo, Secretary

Grant Committee

Comprised of dedicated volunteer staff members of Partner Colorado Credit Union elected by their co-workers.

Dana Zamora
Deidre Rohrer
Joleen Granados
​Carol Wadleigh
​JP Hahn

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